5 Web trends to watch.

In the era of Web 4.0 it is important that the majority of workers in the Web industry become familiar with new technologies, trends and approaches to Web programming. Honestly, at the speed at which some of them are evolving, it would not be surprising if some of these trends become standards.

So let’s take a look at the 5 trends that we think will dominate the Web :


These computer programs, with the ability to interact with users and respond to their requests through intelligent discussion, are also adapting to the evolution of the Web. They can occupy different roles including: a salesperson, an advisor or a very friendly character. 

This is an interesting tool that facilitates a fluid exchange with its customers in addition to building their loyalty and increasing their confidence in the brand.

Chatbots are created using the machine learning method and artificial intelligence (AI). AI is widely used to mimic human intelligence and perform simple and complex functions such as the ability to learn and analyze information, collect all critical data, understand human emotions or solve complex business challenges and problems.

Voice SEO

Siri, Alexa and Google have greatly changed our habits. Rather than typing a query with words, we verbally ask what we are looking for. From the best apple pie recipe to the nearest sushi restaurant, the possibilities are enormous. The voice assistant does the search for us and dictates the result. According to the American advertising analysis firm Comscore, by 2020, 50% of all searches on the Web will be voice searches; incredible, isn’t it?

Some best practices to improve voice SEO:

 O Target long-range keywords or phrases that include at least 3-5 keywords.

O Use interrogative keywords such as: who, what, where, when, the best, etc.

O Use friendly language that answers the user’s questions.

Video (content strategy)

2020 is the year of video, as it is the most popular medium among Internet users. The reality is that in a society where everything happens fast and people are always in a hurry, it is essential to offer content that the user can assimilate quickly.

This medium allows us to be precise and clear, it gives a modern and dynamic image, and it is greatly appreciated by Google. Several studies show that sites, or pages, containing videos get a better ranking on search engines.


In 2020, for a livelier and dynamic site, no more static HTML blocks on top of each other. A micro-interaction is a reaction of a section of your Web site following an action; clicking, writing or hovering with your mouse cursor. 

Be careful not to overuse micro-interactions or they may become unreadable. They must be used intelligently in order to improve the user experience and add originality to your site.

Progressive Web Applications

Also known as PWAs, progressive Web applications are among the most promising Web programming trends of 2020.

PWA allows websites to load even if the user has no access to a network so you can deliver a mobile application-like experience to your users.


Of course, there are many other trends, but we’ve identified the ones we think will have the biggest impact. We look forward to seeing how they evolve throughout the year, what about you?

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