Create customized online training courses with Adobe Captivate.

Distantia’s service offer is not limited to the creation of large-scale websites and software, but also to the development of online “E-Learning” training courses.

E-Learning is an electronic learning method that requires the use of multimedia and provides access to interactive web-based training.

On first sight very accessible, the development of these training courses requires good planning, a lot of time and an unfailing strategy. However, the process can be simplified with software such as Adobe Captivate.

Nav Canada trusted Distantia for their E-learning courses

In order to train future air traffic controllers (ATCs) and to develop the emergency management and business continuity plan, Nav Can has entrusted Distantia with the development of its e-learning programs. These include:

  • Development of training;
  • Creation of Quizzes;
  • Animations;
  • Videos &
  • Narration (voice over).

With Distantia and Adobe Captivate, you can create online training courses that are rich in learning. No more all-day classes go about your daily tasks while learners are learning from wherever they want; don’t wait any longer and contact us!

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